Cyclust Premium Wahoo Socks

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Cyclust Premium Wahoo Socks - x2 Combo

From sports to business we provide performance footwear guaranteed to always make you look and feel the part.

Our main focus was to create a sock with advanced fibre technology to ensure we provide your feet with the necessary support in key areas. Partnering with a highly respected local manufacturer, we’ve managed to achieve this while taking fashionable socks yet another step forward.

We use a new, improved nylon fabric, the Cyclust Socks wick sweat efficiently, are soft, comfortable, and stay in position more securely than other sock equivalents, and you'll look good every time you're wearing them.

You also get a free sweat- and rain proof phone bag with every pair of Cyclust socks you order.


  • Slim fit design, which ensures that the socks won't slip/ slide off.
  • One size fits all. Whether you have large or small feet, our Cyclust cycling socks will fit you comfortably.
  • Comes in a range of colours.
  • With a breathable mesh upper, these socks are designed for high-intensity riding or racing in the warmest conditions.
  • Offers comfort and fit, the fabric has added Elastane to provide more stretch.